Cake Decorating Class!

Tonight, I start my next cake decorating class! I am giddy with excitement and somehow have to make it through this gruelling workday! I don’t really have much to say on the topic, since the class hasn’t started yet, but I am so excited I just felt the need to share with you. We are learning about fondant and gumpaste this time around and I’m SO ready! I will keep you posted and give you plenty of pictures. 🙂 Have a sweet day. ❤

Hot Off the Lafayette Alumni Gossip Reel

Hot Off the Lafayette Alumni Gossip Reel!!

As a sidenote from my usual baking ramblings…This train of posts over the next few days is more directed to my fellow Lafayette Alumni…Stay tuned as I reveal some big news…

**Worry not, I will still have a baking adventure this weekend and will fill you all in early next week (I think I’m tackling a vanilla cream filling this weekend)!**

Hint 1:

Over the 4th of July Holiday weekend, a secret wedding took place, and has remained secret, until now…