Phrase-a-Day: 11 Days Til France!

I think one of the most important things is knowing how to count to ten:

 1 – un (euh)

2 – deux (deuh)

3 – trois (twah)

4 – quatre (cat)

5 – cinq (sank)

6 – six (seece)

7 – sept (set)

8 – huit (wheat)

9 – neuf (noof)

10 – dix (deece)


For example:

How many glasses of wine do you want?  “Un.”

How many shots do you want?  “Trois.”

Ok!  I’m ready!

Or, what do you like to do for fun?  “Ummm…?”  Good thing I still have 11 days!   😛

Countdown ‘Til France – French Phrase-a-Day

12 days til France!  What am I talking about, you ask?  Valid question.  Let me explain…

So, after over 3 years of employment at Saft, they are FINALLY sending me to our headquarters in Bordeaux, France. (!!!)  I will also go to our plant in Nersac, France.  Then, I will round out the week with a weekend in Paris with my bestie, Amy (yes – the one who’s wedding cake I made)!  I cannot wait and I will be sure to share all the juicy details (and delicious pastries) with you all!

I will be boarding my plane to France in just 12 short days, and I figured I should start leaning some French.  So, here is my Countdown to France, French Phrase-a-Day!


Today’s Phrase:

Où sont les toilettes?

Where is the bathroom?


*With my peanut-sized bladder, this phrase will surely come in handy.  🙂

**If you have any suggestions for important phrases I should learn before my trip, please comment and let me know!!!  Suggestions / tips / lessons welcome!  🙂