My Amazing Baking Spreadsheet – The Enginerd in Me Comes Out

Now, if you know me, or have read my About Me page, you know I am an engineer.  Engineers like spreadsheets. I LOVE spreadsheets!  Spreadsheets are my best friend.  Excel and I go way back to freshman year of college.  And since then, our relationship has blossomed and flourished; and, while I sometimes want to punch my spreadsheets at work in the face, I have found spreadsheets extremely useful outside of work.  I have used them for a wide range of things, from budgets, to Broadway show decisions, to storing important information, to baking.  That being said, I made an elaborate spreadsheet to not only price out the exact cost of making this beautiful wedding cake (ingredients and supplies included), but also to estimate the number of batches I will need of icing and batter.  I felt this was important so I could be prepared with amount of ingredients I need to purchase, and it is also good to know how much I am spending (my baking hobby can get pretty costly pretty quickly).  In this post, I just go over the estimation of batter and icing.  I do not go into the cost…That can be another post (maybe after the wedding…IT’S CRUNCH TIME!).

Experience my spreadsheet…