Sending my bros off to college in style – Vanilla Custard and Lime Curd Fillings!

So, this week I made a cake for my twin brothers’ high school graduation/college send off party.  Patrick leaves for soccer pre-season this Friday at Catholic University in DC, and Christopher is off to Boston to attend Brandeis University the following Friday!  It is a bittersweet send-off for me, because, as any good older sister would feel, while I am excited for them to go off to experience all the wonders and excitement of college life, I am also sad that they are growing up.  Once they go off to college, they will be corrupted, in all the good and bad way I am sure, and I’m not ready!  I said this to someone at their party this past weekend and their response was, “Were you corrupted by college?”  My response, “DEFINITELY!”  College is great, and will change them FOREVER…my baby brothers are going off to college!  AHHH!!!

Bro's grad cake

Catholic Cardinals and the Brandeis Judges (hence, the gavel). I told Christopher there is more to a college than its mascot, haha.  And I made little flags to go around the cake…because I felt like it.IMG_1814

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Lime Curd Filling and Blackberry Buttercream Frosting!


Over the 4th of July weekend, I decided to take on lime curd, one of the fillings for Amy’s wedding cake.  I used this filling in vanilla cupcakes with fresh blackberry buttercream frosting.  We picked the blackberries straight from the garden at my grandfather’s.  (I had to send a helper to pick a second batch because some people, ehem, ate my first batch!)  I spent the holiday at his beach house with family, Christian, and of course, Miss Daisy.

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