Daisy’s Bites

Meet my site name’s inspiration:  Daisy!


She is a beautiful little hound mix puppy that we adopted from the SPCA back in April 2013, but she has grown so fast since then! 


Apparently she loves wine as much as I do… 😛

It was rough at the beginning with Christian and I both having full-time jobs and a rather busy social and travel calendar at the time, but we have not regretted adopting her for one single second! 


I look forward to coming home every day because I know she is always there waiting for me.


I even look forward to our early-morning outings so I can get my one-on-one time with D-Cakes before I head off to work for 8+ grueling hours…Most mornings I have to coax her out of bed…


We have many nicknames for our little pup, including Daisy Cakes, D-Cakes, Crazy Daisy, D-Fizzle, and our little snuggle-monster!


She has brought joy to our lives and completes our happy little family!


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