France, Je T’aime!


I’ve been working for Saft for three and a half years now, and, since I found out they are headquartered in France, I have been trying to figure out how to get them to send me there.  Well, it took me three and a half years, but I finally succeeded.  Our company’s headquarters is in Bordeaux, France, also known as the wine capital of the universe.  Continue reading


It has been awhile since I have truly traveled “abroad”, gone sight-seeing, and immersed myself in a different culture.  While I went to Montreal last summer, that hardly compares to what I experienced in Guatemala.  Truth be told, I thought I would return from my Guatemala trip exhausted and with thoughts of “oh thank goodness America!  I missed you!”  Continue reading

Bonjour Montreal!

I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point (haha…I hope).  The weekend before this last (July 26-29), I went to Montreal for one of my very best friend’s bachelorette party (Amy…who is famous on my blog now from all the wedding cake chatter).  The crew:  Me, Amy, Kristen, Bassey, and Natalia. It was filled with culinary explorations, many dreamy waiters, and good old fashioned and much needed girl time. (As for the dreamy waiters – I swear every place they walked into they saw us and said, let’s give them the most irresistible guy we have…no complaints here.)


In the top left pic…from the left, the crew: Bassey, Kristen, Amy, Natalia, Me!

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Last weekend’s review and this weekend’s menu (hey that rhymes!)

An evening with my love (Taylor Swift, of course):

As those who are following my blog may know, last weekend I took Friday (mostly) off and went to NYC with my sis, mom, and grandma (henceforth to be referred to by her proper name, Abue, short for abuela – funny sidenote: when I was younger I used to make up little poems and put them in cards for all birthdays, holidays, etc.  One birthday I wrote “Aube” – to be pronounced Auuuuube – instead of Abue, and I firmly believe I will NEVER hear the end of it.  I also will NEVER make that mistake again!).  ANYWAY, we saw the Newsies on Broadway at the Nederlander Theater, which was just a short walk from our hotel, which was awesome!  Even if the show was terrible (which it was not), there is nothing wrong with watching a bunch of attractive young men dance and sing like crazy!  The show was amazing and my sister and I fulfilled our childhood dream of seeing the show which we have watched the movie of countless times (we were obsessed).  We even stayed after to take pictures with some boys 🙂

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