My story


After graduating from college, I found a passion for baking, which is ironic because all through my childhood and up through college, I couldn’t even make a boxed brownie mix without burning it.  It always burned.  Always.  Funny how things change when you graduate from college, chemical engineering degree in hand, jobless, and living back at home with your parents.  I had to do something to keep sane – hence, along came baking.

My name is Stephanie: Lithium-ion battery scientist by day, avid baker by night.  I am a lover of chocolate, a soccer player, a Taylor Swift fanatic, a runner, a wine-connoisseur wannabe, and a proud mommy of a not-so-little puppy named Daisy.  When I first started baking, I started out small with simple sugar cookies, and quickly made my way to brownies, cakes, cupcakes, scones, macarons, and more.  I have now gotten into elaborate cake and cupcake decorating as well.  Since the beginning of my baking career – born out of my parents’ big beautiful kitchen with ample free ingredients and a direct line of vision to the TV – I have moved out of my parents’ house (and in with my wonderful boyfriend, Christian), gotten a job in a field considered “the way of the future!” (or so everyone tells me), and adopted an impossibly cute little hound mix puppy named Daisy (though she is not so little anymore).  In the process, however, I have acquired a much smaller, less-impressive kitchen, with no TV within sight (sad face), and spent an obscene amount of money on my baking habit.  But I have gotten used to baking without TV – Daisy keeps me company now – and there are far worse habits to spend money on than baking.

So, since my confectionery inception, I have experimented with many different flavors, had countless successes and failures, spent more than a few late nights trying to finish a recipe for various occasions, and created some goodies I am pretty darn proud of along the way.  I almost always bake with wine (early mornings excluded), and love decorating things elaborately and creatively.  I wouldn’t say I am necessarily artistic, but I think I am, more accurately, a perfectionist with an eye for detail.  Whatever you want to call me, I love baking, and I’m not half bad at it.  The future holds endless possibilities, and with puppy by my side, I’ll take any challenge head-on.  Let’s see where our confectionery journey can take us…

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