Be Healthy. Be Happy. Eat Chocolate.

I am such a slacker.  I admit it.  I take full responsibility and will not make excuses.  I feel like I start just about every post apologizing for it being so long since my last post.  Really, I am apologizing to myself, because I think I care more than anyone else that I haven’t posted.  And it’s not for lack of wanting to.  Or for lack of baking adventures.  I think I have had 2 or 3 adventures since my last post.  It is simply due to lack of hours in the day and my inefficiency during my non-working hours.  But, hey, cut me some slack – I spend 8 hours a day being extremely efficient (8.5 hours, if you include my Speedy Gonzalez lunches).  After all that time pouring over spreadsheets and emails and one disaster to the next, I am yearning for some inefficiency and freedom.  And Daisy.  She is just so cute.  Melts my heart every time she looks at me with her big beautiful brown eyes.  She makes my efficiency factor even lower by bringing me toys to play with, park outings, walks, and just looking at me.  Her looks kill me.  I just want to snuggle all the time.  I’m a pushover with my puppy; what can I say?

If I have not mentioned it, I have been dieting and training for a triathlon.  This is a difficult task because I like chocolate.  And cake.  And sprinkles.  And sweet, yummy, rich, delicious desserts.  In a battle between triathlon training and dieting, dieting is definitely infinitely more challenging for me.  That being said, I set out to make a “healthy” chocolate cake.  And by healthy, I mean less unhealthy.  If you are doing Weight Watchers, each piece of this cake has a Points Plus value of 5.  That is a very nice thing about baking things – though they are not low cal, you can very easily calculate exactly how many calories (or weight watchers points) a recipe is, because you know exactly what is in it.  (Which is also a negative because you know exactly what is in it…such as 4 sticks of butter oh my!  …sike, this recipe does NOT have 4 sticks of butter.) 


This recipe is from my favorite blog, Sally’s Baking Addiction.  To be more accurate, it’s from the Sally’s Baking Addition cookbook.  I love this blog and this cookbook.  The recipe I made is the Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate Snack Cake.  And it was a big hit with my family.  Now, personally, this cake was not my favorite.  Mainly because I want my chocolate super rich.  This cake has a slightly more mellow chocolate cake, and a hint of banana.  If you are a fan of chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip banana bread, or anything along those lines, you will LOVE this cake.  It is extremely moist, chocolaty, fluffy, and wonderful.  Again, personally, I LOVE banana bread, but if you throw chocolate into the mix, count me out.  I don’t know.  Like I said, it’s just not my cup of tea.  But, like I also said, this recipe was a big hit with my family.  They didn’t think it wasn’t chocolaty enough or anything.  So, I recommend it.  If you are like me and not that big a fan of chocolate breads, it might not be your favorite.  But there is no denying that this recipe is great. 


I don’t want to post the recipe here because then why would anyone buy the cookbook if you could find all the recipes on blogs?!?!  (I got your back Sally!)  The cookbook is a great buy for the pictures alone…the recipes make it unstoppable.  There is not a single recipe in there that I do not want to make.  So many recipes, so little time!  Ok, that’s all for now…I think Audrey, the KitchenAid is calling…


p.s.  Yes, I named my KitchenAid.  She is a girl…a lady, and her name is Audrey.  I was in a Breakfast at Tiffany’s mood when I named her, and I thought it fit her because she is classy and awesome, just like Audrey Hepburn.

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