On Soccer, Triathlons, and Daisy…

To change things up a bit and take a breather before all the baking adventures I am about to embark on between now and Valentine’s day, I thought I’d share some random pictures to illustrate my life these days…

soccerdaisyDaisy got a new toy: a soccer ball that Christian found in the road.  She loves it.  And wants to eat it. We discourage the latter. Yeah…She takes after me though.  Knows what sport is the best sport 😉

bunnyhuntDaisy absolutely LOVES bunnies.  Whenever she senses it is warm enough to bring the bunnies out of hiding, she whines at the door to go bunny-hunting.  Once outside, even when she really has to go, she can’t help but make a beeline for the spot where the bunnies come out to play.  I did an experiment a few nights ago to see how long Daisy would stand in one place staring at a bunny if I let her.  I think the answer is forever.  I gave up after 10 minutes of watching her not move at all, completely transfixed on the bunny.  It was adorable.  But it was also cold…so I surrendered and made Daisy say bye to the bunny.

pinkgearTo explain this picture, I am playing on a new indoor soccer team (futsal, to be exact – it’s different from indoor soccer – smaller ball, on a basketball court, out-of-bounds, and some other straaaange rules apply).  We are terrible, but we go to the bar after the games, and we’ve managed to get a 2-for-1 pitcher coupon after almost every game, even though only the winners are supposed to get the 2-for-1 deal.  (we are just. that. bad.  or, maybe, just that good.) Either way, two-for-1 pitchers are a win in my book!  So, I bought new indoor soccer shoes, because we play on a basketball court.  Hot pink, of course.  I am also beginning to train for a triathlon which takes place about an hour south of Baltimore on May 31st.  I will be taking on this challenge with two of my Chem E homies from college, Trey and Pipe (pronounced Pee-pay, hehe).  The bathing suit – also pink and purple, my favorites – is for training for it!

vdaythingsTrue story:  It is a bad day for Stephanie’s wallet when there is a good sale at Micheal’s!  I loaded up on Valentine’s day decor, complete with a door hanger, a “two hearts one love” decoration, sprinkles, candy melts, cupcake liners, and various garlands and such for decorating my desk at work.

donutpans…The rest of my Micheal’s purchase…and a little preview of one of the goodies I’ll be making this week.  I went in to just get the big donut pan, but the minis were just so adorable, how could I resist!?!?

daisybeforeafter…Just to be sure to leave you with a smile on your face, please observe a typical day in the life of my crazy not-so-little puppy, Daisy.  This is a picture of Daisy right before and after her trip to the park today.  White to start, and brown to end.  Needless to say, Daisy gets a lot of baths.  *I love my puppy.*

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