Bonjour Montreal!

I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point (haha…I hope).  The weekend before this last (July 26-29), I went to Montreal for one of my very best friend’s bachelorette party (Amy…who is famous on my blog now from all the wedding cake chatter).  The crew:  Me, Amy, Kristen, Bassey, and Natalia. It was filled with culinary explorations, many dreamy waiters, and good old fashioned and much needed girl time. (As for the dreamy waiters – I swear every place they walked into they saw us and said, let’s give them the most irresistible guy we have…no complaints here.)


In the top left pic…from the left, the crew: Bassey, Kristen, Amy, Natalia, Me!

I flew into Albany, and they picked me up on the way up from NYC.  We arrived in Montreal Friday afternoon…From then on, it was quite the trip…We went to Schwarts’s, which apparently is famous for its meat sandwiches, and walked around the city.  That night, we ended up at some sweet street festival that had a lot of politically charged art that was pretty awesome. (And I hate politics, and I don’t get art, so that’s saying something, coming from me…) Anyway, we walked around for a while and it was just a fascinating stimulating experience.


On Saturday, we went on a super long, super crazy, 20+ mile bike ride…It was supposed to be a short 20 minute ride to a brewery and back along the canal, but poor map-reading skills on the part of our unnamed fearless leader (ehem Natalia ehem), led us quite a long way out of the way.  We ended up at the bottom tip of Montreal (or so I think), where the only way we could have gone further south is if we had a boat.  While it was beautiful down there, I am not a biker, and my poor little bum was crying out for me to give it a rest. We took a brief break so my bum could attempt to recover (it didn’t – I think the break made it hurt worse), and when we attempted to get started on the return journey, I found my tire was flat.  Womp woooomp.  Ultimate fail.  By a lucky twist of fate, there was a bike shop right next to where I discovered my flat tire, and several winks and seductive glances from the bike repair guy later, we were able to get it repaired (and get the number of the guy…true story…told me to call him later for dinner…sadly he was not one of the many hotties we met).


Anyway, on the way back, we finally found the brewery right along the canal…on the other side of the canal from the side we rode down on (bottom right pic above).  It was a third of the way from our original starting point, so we went 3 times the distance we needed to go.  Terrible news and my bum was not happy to hear this.  Anyway, after making it back to the bike rental place and returning our bikes, we rested up at the hotel and went out to rage.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve included 5 to sum up the events of the evening:


On Sunday morning, we went to this restaurant and got crepes…delicious crepes…heavenly crepes…and decadent hot chocolate which I couldn’t even finish because it was rich and wonderful.   Sidenote:  Our waiter was super dreamy and had the greatest little French accent.  I love Montreal.  Second sidenote:  Crepes will be a future baking adventure…promise.  They are great, and I will make them.

Delicious Crepes Brunch!

Juliette & Chocolat – Decadent hazelnut hot chocolate (called the Ghanan or something like that); asparagus, turkey, egg and cheese savory crepe; sweet delicious milk chocolate and strawberry crepe!

After brunch, we went to this island, where we got a great view of Montreal, and were able to see the biodome.

View of Montreal
View of Montreal behind me when we travelled to a little island across the bridge…The biodome was on this island as well.

On Sunday night, we went to Au Pied de Cochon, which is, like a big deal one of the best restaurant’s in the world?  It’s on some Best in the World list anyway.  They are famous for their duck in a can (“Canard en conserve”, in the pic below) and foie gras (duck liver).  Not my cup of tea, but interesting…I tried it, and as expected, did not like it one bit.  I got fish and chips…the best fish and chips ever, btw…that’s the cone thing below.

Montreal Food

Before we headed out on Monday, we were in the old part of Montreal, which ended up being my favorite part because it was cute and old and pretty and quiant.  We stopped for some poutine (fries with cheese curd and gravy), which we somehow had been talking about since we arrived, but had not actually eaten until the end!  It was worth the wait though, and we all were very happy afterwards for the ride home.  Thus ends the breif but great story of Montreal.  It was a great weekend, and a wonderful break from work.

Old Town

Rocking my new (free!) kicks in Old Montreal!

The End

On another note, I am making a cake for my brother’s high school graduation party/college send-off party this weekend, so Look for an update on that!  I’m making a layer each of the 2 bottom tiers (14″ and 12″) of Amy’s wedding cake to make sure I can bake it without issues.  I hope it doesn’t make a weird looking cake…Stay tuned!


And lastly, Daisy is a 5 months old this week and a whopping 43lbs now!  (Don’t tell my leasing office!)  She is getting so big so fast and we love her so much!  But she is learning and maturing every day, and coming up with new ways to terrorize and test her boundaries.  She now knows the rules, but is in her teenage years, so she is testing us to see what she can get away with.  NOT MUCH LIL PUNK!  She is a good little puppy (not so little though…)! 

Daisy cakes

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