My Amazing Baking Spreadsheet – The Enginerd in Me Comes Out

Now, if you know me, or have read my About Me page, you know I am an engineer.  Engineers like spreadsheets. I LOVE spreadsheets!  Spreadsheets are my best friend.  Excel and I go way back to freshman year of college.  And since then, our relationship has blossomed and flourished; and, while I sometimes want to punch my spreadsheets at work in the face, I have found spreadsheets extremely useful outside of work.  I have used them for a wide range of things, from budgets, to Broadway show decisions, to storing important information, to baking.  That being said, I made an elaborate spreadsheet to not only price out the exact cost of making this beautiful wedding cake (ingredients and supplies included), but also to estimate the number of batches I will need of icing and batter.  I felt this was important so I could be prepared with amount of ingredients I need to purchase, and it is also good to know how much I am spending (my baking hobby can get pretty costly pretty quickly).  In this post, I just go over the estimation of batter and icing.  I do not go into the cost…That can be another post (maybe after the wedding…IT’S CRUNCH TIME!).

Experience my spreadsheet…

Sending my bros off to college in style – Vanilla Custard and Lime Curd Fillings!

So, this week I made a cake for my twin brothers’ high school graduation/college send off party.  Patrick leaves for soccer pre-season this Friday at Catholic University in DC, and Christopher is off to Boston to attend Brandeis University the following Friday!  It is a bittersweet send-off for me, because, as any good older sister would feel, while I am excited for them to go off to experience all the wonders and excitement of college life, I am also sad that they are growing up.  Once they go off to college, they will be corrupted, in all the good and bad way I am sure, and I’m not ready!  I said this to someone at their party this past weekend and their response was, “Were you corrupted by college?”  My response, “DEFINITELY!”  College is great, and will change them FOREVER…my baby brothers are going off to college!  AHHH!!!

Bro's grad cake

Catholic Cardinals and the Brandeis Judges (hence, the gavel). I told Christopher there is more to a college than its mascot, haha.  And I made little flags to go around the cake…because I felt like it.IMG_1814

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Bonjour Montreal!

I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point (haha…I hope).  The weekend before this last (July 26-29), I went to Montreal for one of my very best friend’s bachelorette party (Amy…who is famous on my blog now from all the wedding cake chatter).  The crew:  Me, Amy, Kristen, Bassey, and Natalia. It was filled with culinary explorations, many dreamy waiters, and good old fashioned and much needed girl time. (As for the dreamy waiters – I swear every place they walked into they saw us and said, let’s give them the most irresistible guy we have…no complaints here.)


In the top left pic…from the left, the crew: Bassey, Kristen, Amy, Natalia, Me!

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