My Best Friend’s Wedding (Cake) – Part 1, Choosing Fillings

In case you forgot, I am making the wedding cake for one of my very best friends, Amy, in August, and it is time to start prepping so that I am a pro by the time I get to the end of August.  To prepare, practice, and perfect, I will be making mini cakes and cupcakes in the coming weeks to test my fillings and ensure my cake recipe is wonderful (which it is, hehe), and a complete full-size test run the third weekend in July (or maybe sometime in early August) for my twin brothers’ high school graduation party (which has yet to be planned, I do believe, so my coworkers may just be getting a gigantic mid-summer cake).  And since sugar flowers last forever, it is never too early to start making those.

Well, the verdict is in and the cake will be as follows: A 4-tier round vanilla cake (they want the whole cake one flavor), with each tier composed of two 2″ layers of cake (so each tier will be 4″ tall).  The tiers will be:

  • 6″ vanilla cake with lime curd filling
  • 8″ vanilla cake with vanilla cream filling
  • 12″ vanilla cake with raspberry mousse filling
  • 14″ vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling

The whole cake will be iced in classic vanilla buttercream and decorated however I feel like it.  (Just kidding – it will incorporate Amy’s bouquet and other decorative elements I think will look pretty.)  It will be white and not too crazy elaborate or over the top, just like her.  Keeping it simpler.  Keeping it classy.

Anyway, I am very excited about this and have successfully secured all the first-try recipes for fillings on Pinterest and bought all the ingredients the other day in a massive shopping trip.  I’d put a link to my Pinterest on this page (you know, with the little P-interest logo), but I haven’t really figured out how to do that yet, so it is on my to-do list.  (If you know how, please do share!) 

I haven’t really decided what exactly I will do with the fillings tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll make cupcakes, or a cake, or maybe it will just be a yummy raspberry mousse dessert, and other fillings on the side?  It might just depend on my energy level after the fillings are done.  Or I may possibly only make one or 2 fillings tomorrow.  The possibilities are endless!  Either way, I hope it will be delicious and check back to see what I decide!

Oh, by the way!

Daisy graduated puppy class on Wednesday!  Doesn’t she look cute in her little cap???

Daisy graduates puppy school!

She is well on her way to being a perfectly obedient and polite little pup!


Peace, love, and pup-cakes!

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