Daisy Bites is alive! My very first post!

Daisy Bites lives!

I’m thrilled to FINALLY write the inaugural post for Daisy Bites – my blog focused on all my baking adventures and my journey through puppy-dom with Daisy.  So everyone, say hi to Daisy, my little hound mix puppy, just 15 weeks old!  She is cute and cuddly, crazy and spastic, and the best little ball of energy to come home to every day.  We know her mom is a hound, but don’t know what her dad is, so I’m convinced she is part hound, part piranha. Though she is getting better at playing with her toys and not mommy’s hand, and I am getting better at handling her when she is being extra crazy, I am still one of her favorite chew toys.  Luckily, her teeth are already less sharp than they were when we adopted her at just 8 weeks, and I am basically a pro at shoving toys in her mouth when she wants to chew on me these days.

Right now, my little pup is letting me write while she naps next to me on the couch.  I know this is short-lived though, and soon she will awaken Crazy Daisy, and who knows when the next chance I’ll have to sit will be.  So let’s get back on track…

Daisy napping on the couch

Daisy napping on the couch: part hound, part piranha, 100% adorable

Anyway, I’m excited to begin documenting my baking attempts with more than just instagrams, pinterest boards, and Facebook photos (though that seems like a lot when I write it all out like that).  I hope to be thorough and entertaining and maybe even funny occasionally.  I think ‘m hilarious, but those who know me can attest to the sad truth that sometimes I am the only one who thinks I’m hilarious.  Womp womp.  Oh well. Some people can make others laugh; some people can make others fat.  I fall in the latter category.

I’m about to go to the store to pick up a few missing ingredients for a recipe I will be making for Father’s day tomorrow (preview: fudge tartlets).  Somehow I always seem to be out of butter (it’s kind of sickening how fast I go through that stuff with all my baking).  Stay tuned for that recipe and how it turns out.

One more thing I want to add:  I will be making the wedding cake for one of my very best friends in the whole wide world: Amy.

My best friend Amy

She’s pretty awesome, and she is getting married to Benjamin, who is also pretty awesome, at the end of August.  Before then, I plan to do a dry run of the cake for my twin brothers’ high school graduation party, which will be in July.   Yes, my brothers will have the most elaborate, over-sized graduation cake you’ve ever seen.  It is going to be awesome, so stay tuned for those as well, as that will be a whole other journey within itself!

I could ramble on forever, but I’ll end there before you lose interest (if you haven’t already).  Thanks for checking out my blog!  Love you already and I hope you follow my journey!

Peace, love, and chocolate ❤

One thought on “Daisy Bites is alive! My very first post!

  1. Solid first post. I’m pleased. Especially giggled at the part about your dog being a piranha. And I learned something: how to spell “piranha.” Keep it up

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